May 13th, 2021

(more than) Remotely Grateful

Built with NuxtJS

Remotely doesn't just help you find remote jobs and build remote teams - Remotely itself is built on the shoulders of remote teams spanning several decades.

Our core stack includes Node.js, Typescript, Nuxt, TypeORM, Terraform and PostgreSQL - all technologies made possible by the hard work of remote teams and the increasing availability of remote work.

Remote works!

Since it's early days in 1986, POSTGRES has relied on people all over the world to continually evolve it into what we now know as PostgreSQL. Today the PostgreSQL Global Development Group lists Core Team members in Germany, Sweden, UK and USA, with major contributors in 12 other countries.

TypeORM was started by one person in Tajikistan in 2016 and now has over 600 collaborators and contributors all over the world.

Hashicorp, creators of Terraform, have famously been remote first since they were 3 employees. They are now around 1200 employees with a valuation over $5B, and still a remote first organisation.

One of the most popular repositories on Github, Typescript is maintained at Microsoft by teams distributed across Redmond, Boston, San Franciso and Dublin.

Launched in Germany in 2009 at JSConf, Node.js has always featured community and openness as a key driver. Ryan Dahl stated back in 2013:

We’re very open about what we’re working on and trying to bring people into the project

Today the almost 3000 collaborators to the Node.js project are managed by The Node.js Technical Steering Committee, a group of technical and community maintainers who meet remotely and stream their conference calls straight to YouTube so anyone can listen to them live.

Remote work and open-source go hand-in-hand. We often forget that almost every company building online today relies on the work and collaboration of self-organising remote teams. Remote allows us to create teams, tools and products that simply wouldn't have been possible before.


Nuxt has grown from 2 creators in 2016 into 10 full-time employees in France, The Netherlands, Spain, Ukraine, and Iran, as part of the NuxtJS company. The community includes over 300 contributors who maintain docs in 9 different languages alongside the NuxtJS codebase itself.

While Remotely was in stealth mode, choosing to build on NuxtJS was a key factor in keeping momentum and getting things done.

The Remotely team has been writing HTML and JS for over 20 years, working extensively with and contributing to ECMAScript MVC frameworks as early as 2007 (PureMVC anyone?). We built Isomorphic React sites with Fluxible back in 2015 when developers preffered latin and Yahoo made JS frameworks (edit: apparently they still do!).

Getting things done on the web isn't always as straightforward as we might like. But the experience of setting up, growing, deploying, and maintaining a Nuxt project has been one of the most rewarding and fun examples of front-to-middle-end web development we've seen for many years.

To celebrate the first week of Remotely being live, and to show our ongoing support and thanks, we are super proud to announce our official sponsorship of NuxtJS and the NuxtJS community!

We have a lot more to build at Remotely to make remote jobs available for everyone but with NuxtJS we're exicted to get stuff done!