Action Face

Web Architect and Lead Software Developer

Full Time
US$120,000 - US$150,000
1 month ago
Work Remotely From
1pm - 1am
Remote Support
Paid get togethers
Location independent pay
100% remote

Our tech pipeline bridges 3D scanning, video game tech, and delivery to your doorstep!

You will be hands on leading our team of developers to meet our business milestones.

Make something of yourself! Action Face is an early stage startup creating a first of its kind personalized figurine business, where you create an action figure with your face on it using your mobile phone as easily as customizing an avatar. Our proprietary technology starts with a quick and easy 3D face scan from your phone, then lets you customize in an immersive game-like experience. Your collectible full color 3D prints arrive at your door in no time. Our executive team has launched multi-billion dollar digital and physical products in the toy and video game industries.

Contract to Hire. Compensation is cash & equity.

Most important skills:

  • Mastery of Ruby on Rails AT SCALE

  • Ability to design, refactor, and scale RoR and adjacent components to a large number of simultaneous users to ensure reliable, secure, responsive, and high performance for end users

  • Ability to LEAD and work collaboratively with other software developers to meet business goals

  • Ruby on Rails

  • HTML, JavaScript

  • AWS (EC2, S3, CloudFront, auto-scaling, etc.)

  • Git (PRs, etc.)

  • SQL

  • Windows experience

  • Enterprise application development

  • Systems integration (REST APIs, etc.)

  • Ability to understand business needs and articulate problems and solutions to non-technical users

  • Communicate well in English; work overlap during typical US time zone hours

  • Ability to break systems down into components, analyze problem, and formulate multiple solution options

  • Thrives in a startup environment; willingness to take direction and jump in and help on almost any project or problem as the need arises

  • Ability to work productively in new tools and technologies quickly

Prior experience with these is not necessary, but if you have it let us know:

  • Understand concepts like mesh manipulation, shaders, manifold, etc.

  • WebGL

  • Unity developer including C# scripting

  • Experience with Blender

  • Linux experience

  • Python scripting

  • Data manipulation & reporting (spreadsheets, ETL, databases, reporting tools)