Senior Platform Engineer

Full Time
2 months ago
Work Remotely From
2pm - 5am
Team members in Toronto, New York, Boston, Santa Barbara, and Chicago
Remote Support
Flexible hours
100% remote

Join a fast-growing, intellectually curious, and super fun team!

We're hiring a Senior Platform Engineer to join an Engineering Team of folks across the US and Canada. We’re a remote-friendly company who is motivated by supporting people in the typically unsung roles of Finance. Our goal as a company is to create an extremely simple and straightforward product in an industry (Financial Planning and Analysis, FP&A) that deals with complex data and modeling. As a team, we’re looking for a Senior Platform Engineer to help us with improving team bandwidth today, and help us prepare for technical scale in the near future. 

As our Senior Platform Engineer, you’ll report to our Head of Engineering, Jason Bellamy. We’ll expect you to help maintain our Engineering and company culture where it’s safe to make mistakes and to learn and grow from them. We also look for someone who wants to add their perspective to enrich our culture as well.

In your first three months you will

  • Get to know the team - we’re spread out across the US and Canada, so you’ll meet us via Slack and Zoom

  • Get familiar with our product, our customers, and the problems we’re trying to solve as a company

  • Get comfortable with our Product & Engineering structure and processes

  • Handle projects to move the Platform team forward while getting a deep understanding of our problem space and infrastructure to see how everything works together

  • Start to think about larger changes that could be made to our tech to move Cube in to the next stage of growth

  • Analyze performance related metrics and logs to find areas of improvement for our codebase

  • Be asked about your experience! Your perspective and opinions are very important to us

A typical day will look like this

  • Writing code that is easily testable, easily understood by other engineers, and accounts for edge cases and errors

  • Offering honest, accurate critique and ensures that feedback is always used for growth through respectful conversation and collaboration

  • Fostering a culture of mentoring within their team by seeking out and supporting mentoring opportunities for themselves and others

  • Contributing feedback regarding the company’s technical strategy

  • Taking ownership of practices and processes within your team and continuously focuses on improvement

  • Analyzing metrics across the infrastructure to identify areas for improvement

About you

  • You are confident in your experience with databases (especially SQL based), background processes, and task management technologies (using AWS and infrastructure related tools)

  • An understanding of what it takes to work at a small (and growing) organizationInsistent on quality and attentive to details, but able to work with your team to deliver with speed and flexibility

  • People who know you well would call you creative, resourceful, and collaborative--all things essential to a remote-friendly startup!

We listed a lot of items above. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply if you don’t have experience with all of them. Your unique experience and perspective will be valued on our team, so please apply if you’re interested! 

About Us

Cube is a next-generation financial planning & analytics platform that enables finance teams and businesses to make smarter, faster decisions. Our software reduces the 75% of efforts finance teams spend manually transforming & re-keying data in spreadsheets by connecting disparate financial & operational data sources into a central version of truth. Cube reduces errors associated with manual planning and empowers cross-functional leaders to seamlessly collaborate and manage data workflow. By providing add-ons to one’s spreadsheet of choice (Excel, Google Sheets), our intuitive interface eliminates the need for a lengthy / costly implementation or extensive training.